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John Farrar

Hello Rudy
Thank you very much for publishing your excellent articles on Ground Systems. They are just what I have been looking for.
73 John, G3UCQ

Paul Tomlinson

Very interseting & useful information Rudy.

It must have taken some considerable time to carry out all of the experiments and write it all up.

Thanks a bunch!


Paul MW0CDO.

Gary / K3WOW

Extremely useful series of articles! My only wish is that something was done comparing elevated radials at > 1/4 wl from physical ground against elevated radials at < 1/4 wl from physical ground. Does it make a difference due to ground coupling?

Ioannis Psarras

Hi Rudy,

Your papers about ground arrangement of HF verticals and the influence of radials and their relative position as well as length, were the information I was looking for so long. Thank you very much for those essential info your provide to the HAM community. I will contact you in the future to ask you some question about an arrangement I am planning for my home.

Thanks again!!! Keep up the excellent job.




Many Tks for the series of articles. They are very useful.
However have a question: What happens if instead of Radials, I bury over an area rows of iron fences?
How large has the area to be for a multiband antenna?
Thanks again
best 73
Mauro, HB9EGO

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